What areas does an Occupational Therapist assist with?

Occupational Therapists can assist with a range of areas to help your child participate in important everyday activities.

Motor Skills

Building fine and gross motor skills, such as hand strength and dexterity as well as core strength, balance and coordination

Running Children

Life Skills

Increasing independence with important everyday tasks such as self-care (eg. brushing teeth, dressing), domestic tasks (eg. making a sandwich or sorting out dirty clothes) and community tasks (eg. catching public transport and money handling).

Brushing Teeth

Sensory Regulation

Assessment and Strategies to help manage sensory processing difficulties. This could include sensitivities (such as to sounds or textures) or seeking behaviour (such as seeking movement).

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Emotional Regulation

Developing a child's ability to identify and recognise emotions and utilise strategies to manage emotions effectively.

Autism Therapy


Increasing writing legibility by addressing pencil grasp, letter formations, spacing and hand strength. Aiming for children to have increased confidence in their writing and less hand pain and fatigue.

School Children

Concentration and Attention

Improving ability to concentrate and engage more effectively in learning tasks.

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